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Field Caller - Deer Calls

1 usd

Field Caller - Deer Calls is a simple, but effective hunting tool that allows you to make the perfect deer calls every time. This application is so simple and easy to use, but contains 8 high quality deer calls that match the competition.
FEATURES*8 high quality deer calls*Simple and easy to use*Over sized buttons for easy playback*Effective
INCLUDED DEER CALLS*Doe Bleat*Doe Estrus Bleat*Buck Grunt*Buck Dominant Grunt*Tending Buck Grunt*Buck Snort*Bucks Fighting*Fawn Distress

Testimonial------------"so last Saturday I'm in the tripod trying to grunt in... well anything. I figure I need a doe Bleat to make the call more realistic. so I found this app and figured what the heck, I'm not seeing anything without it so it can't be worse. anyway, I used the doe Bleat, and followed with 2 soft grunts. about 30 seconds later this buck comes full speed right for the tripod. I got a shot and downed it. I had been grunting all morning and this app got me my buck!" -A. Plumley

Please note, that some phones and tablets can not reproduce these high quality sounds correctly. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the sounds, then I would recommend getting a an external battery powered speaker.
Amazon has a great portable battery powered speaker that I use, and recommend. You can find this product at